More than “just friends”

The other day after doing homework, my daughter and husband had a conversation about what was going on at school- the usual what did you learn, what happened at recess, etc. Apparently she told her father that one of her friends liked her, more than just friends…More than just friends, WHAT COULD THAT POSSIBLY MEAN at six years old? I had so many questions, but I told myself to calm down because most of the time children confuse the meaning of words at this age. Of course I had to get the facts directly from the source.

All my husband simply told me was, “You need to talk to her about liking boys and that type of stuff.” Liking boys was a subject my daughter and I had touched on a few months prior and she seemed to have no desire to continue on the subject. We were in the car and saw two very handsome little boys waiting at the bus stop. As our car came to a stop I saw her staring at the little boys. “What are you looking at?”She smiled ever so eagerly and said, “Nothing…”. “Umhmm, you’re looking at those little boys,” I replied. Seemingly embarrassed she replied, “Noo I’m not. I’m just looking at his shirt!”. Yeah right, who was she fooling? I could see her clear as day looking right into his face smiling, but I digressed. We continued our conversation to which I casually began to ask questions about her affinity to the opposite sex. She basically said that she didn’t like boys, but some of her friends did. 

Fast forward to the day’s conversation and my mind is blown. Does she like boys now?  Do her and her friends get together and make a list of all the boys they like? Who likes her? Again with all the questions. (Calm down, Jamie!) I decided to let the subject marinate a few days so I could come up with a plan of action and she wouldn’t feel overly pressured. Once again our conversation took place in the car, obviously a great place to have conversations with your children.

“Soo…your dad tells me your friend likes you?” As I look in the mirror I can see her begin to twiddle her thumbs and she seems to be coordinating a meticulous response (yes, I have a future lawyer on my hands). “Well yea…its my friend _____. He told me the other day when we were playing that he liked me.” “Oh yea?” I asked cool as a cucumber, “What made him say that? Were you guys playing a game?”. She then took the world’s longest pause and took a deep breathe before speaking. “We were playing a game and ____ said she liked _____. So then my friend _____ said he liked me, but I don’t like him he’s just my friend.”  

What a relief! I didn’t know how deep this conversation would get, but she said enough to let me know: a) her friends are beginning to get curious b) she may be curious for the sake of being curious, but doesn’t really care much c) a more in depth conversation will need to follow. 

My baby’s growing up!

One thought on “More than “just friends”

  1. This is a cute story, your daughter is growing and soon, your answers are yours and won’t help her. She’s going to have to find her own path. Just continue to guide and love her and her decisions well be easy and clear. She seems like a bright young lady.

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