4th Thursday in November

Thanksgiving. Another holiday that seemed to come too fast. It could just be me, but I’m really not all that thrilled for Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong I am very grateful for everything that I have, I pride myself in giving thanks throughout the year and not just on one specific day in the year. However, with all the planning, cooking, cleaning, socializing, etc. that goes hand in hand with the holiday I’m thinking, Eh, I could kind of just stay in the bed. Am I actually going to do that though? No way, my family would have my head! So instead I’ll prep myself for the holiday by thinking about the good that happens on Thanksgiving day.

In our family Thanksgiving is a major gathering of family with an abundance of food, drinks, and laughs. My husband, daughter, and myself travel to my grandfather’s house to partake in my Aunt’s super cheesy macaroni and cheese and a few of my grandfather’s favorite stories. My grandfather can actually remember exact names and dates from events that took place when he was a child. (Me? I struggle to remember what day of the week it is. Maybe I should ask him for some strategies.) This year we will add my son and baby cousin into the mix, but they’ll probably both be sleep!

I usually don’t take a big stake into the whole cooking thing at my in-laws, but I do contribute my services to prepping, monitoring, and making potato salad (my #1 dish). I find myself watching the parade in between all the festivities to look at the floats and marching bands. Its usually freezing cold on Thanksgiving, but this year the weather looks pleasant so we may actually venture to see the parade in person (big maybe).

One of the biggest highlights of the day are Brown’s ShopRite pumpkin pie. I’m going to dedicate this short blurb to their pie because it is thee best, besides homemade pie. Sometimes one doesn’t have time to make an entire pie from scratch, but trust me your guests will be delighted with the pie’s subtle flavors. I like to warm it and pair it with a few scoops of vanilla ice cream.

By the time our day ends on Thanksgiving its practically the next day and it feels like I’ve worked a 12am-12pm shift at my old job! Sadly, most members of the family must also rise early the following day to work, but not to worry, then the official countdown to Christmas begins.




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