A dream deferred 

In my mind I thought I could have it all: family, work, extracurriculars, etc. Somehow I quickly lost that hope as I returned to work from FMLA. My first day back and all it took was a few hours for me to get right back in the swing of things, remembering the pros and cons of everything. You can never quite get used to taking care of 6 little people at once, but there is a great joy in knowing that each day you touched their lives. 
Honestly, it’s been tough getting back into the full swing of things. The night before going back I was obsessing over how many bottles my son would need throughout the day! Then I worried if I would actually cope with being away from him. Bottom line, I got maybe a few hours of sleep that night. 

Now here I am day 6 back to work and I still feel like I’m almost fully back to my routine. The hardest part is him not being on a schedule, so our schedule changes from day to day. I’m hoping in a couple weeks we’ll start putting him on a schedule that works for the family so I can get a piece of my sanity back! 

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