Modern Day Feminisim

Oh my, the number of drafts I’ve gone through attempting to perfect this post! I won’t talk too much about that whole process, but just know it was a doozy and would probably be best described using no less than 10 “eye rolling” emojis. 


I see a lot of over-sexualization of women in the media today and it makes you think, what does it take to become a successful women that is able to be taken serious in today’s society. First, I reflect on the media cover of  George Clooney’s marriage to Amal. 

In the beginning it was, “Wow, she’s smart and educated!” and it quickly turned into, “She’s wearing (designer)!” To me it was like a brief “introduction” and then they went into all the superficial bs so they could have something more “appealing” to discuss. 

The media can’t handle a smart and successful women that’s also beautiful and married. I guess that’s my fault for expecting more from them, I should know better! I was able to detect the wavering of their coverage, but others may not be able to decipher the media’s antics or take the time to look into Amal’s background themself. 

Well then, it only seems fair that I call them out for the sake of some little girl out there wondering if that will one day be her. To that little girl I say: 

It is rare that a smart and educated woman will be the focus of media attention just for her whits alone. Without a chic designer outfit or famous husband, it’s hard for her to get the recognition she deserves. She could be a potential role model for you, but you will never know. It is the job of women like me to let you know that all the allure is just a facade. 

The real women you need to look up to are right in front of you. They may not get as much play because they don’t dress up everyday or carry designer handbags. These women sacrifice, spend many nights awake studying to prepare for exams, and take pride in their own accomplishments. These women are sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, etc. Don’t discount the woman that you see everyday on the bus, for she too has a story just waiting to be heard. We have to believe and take pride in ourselves before anyone else will. 

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