Zoom, zoom! 

Were you able to check out the Philadelphia Auto Show last week? If not you really missed out. I was able to catch the show on Saturday and I must say, I was truly impressed with the amount of cars they had packed onto the floor. 

From Suburus to Porsche, they had so many brands represented. I am biased to Honda and Cheverlot because those are brands of vehicles that my husband and I have, but boy were those Jeeps and Kias  looking oh so good as well!

I really had my eye on the 2016 Honda Pilot. When I saw it up close…I almost lost it. EX-L was my favorite, between the room it offered, power tailgate, and sunroof, it was everything I needed and then some. I was equally impressed with the Toyota Highlander because no matter what my next vehicle has to have more room in the seats and trunk space!

I’m losing my mind thinking about how my son is going to sit in his car seat facing the rear for two years! I know it’s going to be a must to purchase a larger car seat, but how will they fit into a car facing the rear? I think the outcome might be an uncomfortable toddler, but I’m willing to do my research. I’m sure Chicco or Graco will have a solution for me. 

Did you get a chance to check out the Philadelphia Auto Show? What did you think?

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