I’m sooo sorry, I’ve been caught up in life and neglected you (my blog baby). I’ve been working nonstop today to get you right back on track. Please forgive me!

In other news…I have a new job! I’m now a first grade teacher at a school in the city and it is challenging. The biggest challenge has been to come in near the end of the school year and get the students on track. All my students have their own unique stories and I am really impressed with the hard work they are putting in. 

I’ve also been contemplating what my life may look like over the next couple months. My current to-do list includes taking a much needed vacation, finding an all black pair of sneakers, and deciding what to do with my hair. It’s weird because I’m actually unsure how I’ll handle having the summer off, which is why I definitely need a plan so that I use my time wisely. All I can do is take it one day at a time so, if I can get those few things finished then I’ll be set to move on. 

Don’t worry, I’m here to stay!

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