Come on, teeth!

My son has been teething for awhile now or should I say using his mouth to explore. Needless to say, it gets really stressful trying to find appropriate items to help ease his discomfort. One thing that I have found are these amazing teething wafers by Happy Baby

When I tell you that my son yearns for these things I am not lying

  1. He’s teething. 
  2. He thinks he can eat anything. 
  3. He wants to be independent. 

So being the curious mother that I am, I brought these wafers from Acme on a whim and thought, what’s the worse that could happen? I had previously tried to find something for him to nibble on at Babies R Us, but was unsuccessful. The only food teething items I found there were for 12 months and up. 
When I got these Happy Baby teethers  home I was excited to try them out myself! What I first noticed was the size and shape of the wafer, it’s shaped similar to a small surf board and the texture was similar to a cheese curl, but softer. Upon tasting, they wafer melted almost immediately in my mouth, so no concerns for choking (thank god). My son’s taste test was also successful and he was able to eat independently. 
Touch down- we will definitely be purchasing more!

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