Genuine Benefits

You ever stand in line at your local grocer and think, wow this job must really suck? I mean first of all: they have to stand on their feet in one spot all day, they have to be sure to ring up every single item even if there are multiples and to top it off, remember the codes to the pesky produce items (well the decent cashiers anyway). 

Personally, I always find myself trying to cheer the cashier up because they seem so over their jobs. I’ll often start a simple conversation about something like, “It’s nice to see you again!” Or, “I hope you don’t have a hard time getting through the weekend.”

It doesn’t matter exactly what you say in these types of situations, as long as you say it genuinely. With the many family members that I have working in customer service type jobs, I know one customer can make a shift more bearable. 

I applaud them for putting up with all that it means to fulfill their jobs. Things such as greeting customers with a smile on their face (no matter how they’re truly feeling), dealing with people’s random attitudes or issues, and showing up to work everyday. 

Try to go out of your way and put a smile on a cashier’s face. 

3 thoughts on “Genuine Benefits

  1. The most beautiful observations are often those that typically go unobserved, and this is the perfect example. I’m going to take your cue and put in the extra effort to cheer my cashier up today at the grocery store 🙂

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  2. You are so right on with pay it forward . Not just with cashiers but I think it truly applies to all we come in contact with . Unfortunately we still live in a world that tends to be suspicious about kindness . Still … I am with you . Let’s try . Can ‘to wait to view your next post !! Your no 1 fan always , SMA


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