Goodbye diaper rash!

Diapers are designed to hold baby’s excrements, but with anything that is meant for good, there is also some form of evil that tries to sneak into the picture. Baby’s bottom is constantly exposed to bacteria that manifests into yucky diaper rash. It’s enviable that your child will get diaper rash, but you can be sure you will have the proper steps to follow to reduce the rash and prevent it in the future.

1. Choose diapers that fit best on your baby. My go to diapers are Pampers Swaddlers because they secure snugly around baby’s thighs, they have a yellow strip that changes to blue when touched with moisture, and they hold a large amount of urine (read here: you don’t have to worry about changing baby through the night because they usually don’t leak).

2. Ensure that the wipes you are using contain little to no ingredients you can’t pronounce. Our wipes are Water Wipes, which you can read my previous review about by clicking the link.

3. The best offense is a better defense, so protect your baby ahead of time by applying A&D at every diaper change. It might seem a little crazy, but trust me I will stand by this statement. Think about all the vaccinations that baby gets, those are to prevent baby from getting sick in the future.

4. When baby does get diaper rash, treat it right the first time. Don’t wish and hope the rash away, it just doesn’t work that way (unless you have some type of magical powers). I highly recommend Destin or the Target brand which is very comparable. This stuff gets rid of the rash quickly and soothes baby’s skin.

5. Frequent diaper changes are annoying, but worth it. Change your baby’s diaper atleast every two hours or more frequently if you notice that the diaper is heavy or baby had a bowel movement. This is especially true if you’re on the go, change baby right before you leave or in the car so you can have peace of mind.

These are the basic steps! If you have any questions email me at

2 thoughts on “Goodbye diaper rash!

  1. Really good detail with regard to taking steps to avoid diaper rash . I can’t say that you are a veteran mom lol since you are only on baby no 2 . But I will say you have the heart and the growing intelligence of a veteran mom . Thank you for sharing . Don’t forget to write the steps out for me … for when you bring my new grand baby to visit ! Lol. SMA aka Nana Sue


  2. […] Fast forward to a few months after I found out that I was pregnant. The thought of continuing to purchase diapers for my son and a new baby was terrifying. You would think it would be cost effective buying toddler sized diapers, but it’s still very expensive. By the time your child is wearing a size 5 or 6 the boxes of diapers get smaller and it seems as if they hold less too. Of course there’s the fact that a newborn would go through diapers left and right. The way I calculated it, I would spend about $30 every two weeks for my son and it would probably be double that for a newborn. So, $180 a month for diapers?? Let’s not even talk about wipes and creams… […]


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