Weight Loss Chronicles

I am so proud to say that I am down 7lbs! Yes, go me. Some of you may be thinking, Girl, that’s nothing. Well…let me put it all in perspective for you so that you can fully understand where I’m coming from. Each time a woman is pregnant your body changes in different ways. With my daughter I definitely added more of everything to my repertoire bust, hips, and overall weight. Seven years later with my son, I slowly added more weight to my midsection. After my son’s birth I wanted to lose weight, but I wasn’t fully committed. Like so may others, trying to find the time to eat healthier and exercise seemed so daunting. I wanted quick, easy, and worry free. That translated into places I stopped at on the way home or delivery. Talk about sucky living…

Looking back, I was doing the best I could with everything that I had on my plate. I would be curious if there was anyone that had a 45 minute commute to/from work each day and worked 10 hours shifts that was able to find the strength to prepare a fully nutritious meal each night for a family of 4? It wasn’t a battle that I was willing to fight, but it could be more feasible for another. Kudos to you, kudos. Fast forward to May and I decided that it was time to find better habits. No more eating for two, no more eating anything for lunch, and a commitment to stay focused on my goal.

The first step in that process for me was prayer. I thank God each day that I am alive, giving me the strength to get through each day, and guiding my steps (MAJOR KEY). The next step was to set the foundation for our meals. The struggle that I had with breakfast was actually eating. I don’t know how it happened, but I started choosing my daily cup of coffee over eating. Easy fix, take something like belVita breakfast bites and have something on my stomach. I usually get the chocolate flavor because it’s not too sweet.

Lunch wasn’t such an easy fix, I needed more of a variety for lunch and only God knows how finicky my husband is with food these days (extreme eye rolling). A swap of meat,  change in dressing, or added vegetable usually satisfied us. Try things like low-fat chicken salad, cucumbers, or boiled eggs. It’s important to do most of the work needed for your meals ahead of time so you’re more inclined to eat what you have made since its right in front of you. Here’s what my typical protein packed lunch looked like:

2 cups Spring Mix

1 sliced/chopped Chicken Breast

2 pieces crumbled Turkey Bacon

1 teaspoon Salad Dressing

For snacks I kept Wheat Thins, protein bars, and apples in each bag and around my classroom so when hunger tried to creep up on me I was already prepared.

Lastly, I am more conscious of portions. Even on bad days or cheat days I stay conscious of my choices. It’s really hard to see your kids not finishing their food and stopping yourself from finishing it for them. I learned to let go of these impulses and give them less food to begin with! All kids have “eyes bigger than their stomachs” as my mother would say.


Happy weight loss!



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