I don’t get how you lie to me?Then you gon come cry to me?

I’m a fool, but so are you. 

I’m the fool for choosing you.  
Actually, you chose me.

My girl told me you were runnin game,

Too blind to see for myself, 

Too dumb to know better. 

Wish I had a father that woulda taught me about these letters.  
I dumped all of my hope in you,

Thinking things would get better. 

Shoulda saw the signs, read the words. 

I blame myself for seeing you. 
Guess what?

I’m still good tho. 

Cuz a fool for you won’t be fooled by another.

I’m grown up and Imma do better. 

One thought on “Random

  1. Outstandingly good writing these past 3 posts ! And I love love love your poetry .

    As an emerging new writing talent you are developing your voice and getting better and better !

    To use a well known praise of this 21st century …. ” Baby girl … We are going to hear your ROAR ” in a big way !

    Keep it up ! Thanking you for sharing . As Always, love your no 1 fan , SMA


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