Surviving a heatwave (like a pro)

Living on the east coast, you must be prepared for any weather, at any time. It may snow in the spring and rain in the winter, you never know! These days it seems like the temperatures are going higher and staying that way for days at a time. We’ve had several threats for heatwaves over the past couple weeks and we haven’t even reached August yet (please pray for us). Below I’ll share some quick tips to surviving a heatwave with you and your family.: 

  1. Everyone needs to stay hydrated, especially those babies and elderly relatives. Push fluids especially during a heat wave and throughout the day so your body stays hydrated and able to cool itself down. If not, the usual signs of dehydration are fatigue/tiredness, lack of urine, and dizziness. (Mayo Clinic) You can usually rectify slight dehydration by pushing fluids, such as Gatorade, water, or Pedialyte, a cool compress to the head, neck, and good old-fashioned rest. 
  2. Limit strenuous movement/ exercising to the early morning hours. I vary my workouts between outdoors and indoors. If I want to workout outside I go early in the morning when the sun is lower and not directly beaming on me. I also take the children to the park at this time so that can get time to play outside before we’re confined inside.  
  3. Limit time in air conditioning. I know it may sound crazy, but in order to bare the heat, your body must be able to adjust to higher temperatures. The more you subject your body to air conditioning, the less it is able to cope with the heat (you’re welcome). 
  4. Dress for the weather. Sundresses, shorts, and underwear were invented for a reason. Get down to what you’re comfortable in and rock out! The less restrictive clothing you have to wear the better. If you must wear “real clothes” opt for linens and cottons which are breathe materials that will help your body stay cool. 
  5. Say a prayer for each day you were able to survive another heat wave!!

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