Instagram is such a blessing and a curse. It inspires, shocks, and humors me all at the same time (follow me @fashionable.mom). What I love the most about this app is that it allows you to see the world from your fingertips, much like Google did with Google Earth. I love seeing hashtags that have made their way around the world, people with like minded careers and goals, and most importantly those makeup gurus. 

Some of the best makeup clips have guided me to some pretty awesome Youtubers like PatrickStarrr, NikkieTutorials, and MsAliyahJay (note: these are their actual YouTube channel names so you can look them up for yourself). At some point you will need them! I like watching a variety of videos to see which new products they are using, their favorite products, and looks to inspire my own. 

My need to #glowup has grown thanks to these folks and others I am subscribed to. One of my glowing looks from last weekend is the featured photo for this post. To highlight, I used Revlon’s highlighting palette on my cheekbones and browbones. You want to use a fan brush or carefully use a blush brush to sweep the powder from your cheeks to brow in a C-motion. Don’t worry it seems more complicated than it sounds. You also want to add some highlight to your nose and inner corners of your eyes. The result….AMAZING! If you don’t want such a noticeable glow, skip the second step (party pooper). 

Be prepared for people telling you how good you look and trying to figure out your age, well that’s what happened to me! Try it yourself and tag me in your IG photos. 

One thought on “#glowup

  1. GOD bless you and your glowing outer beauty but more blessings upon your blossoming , growing , and glowing inner beauty .

    As always , love ,
    Your no. 1 fan,

    Ps your hydrating tips are a big help with a healthy glow ! Thank you for that research !!


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