Hello, Autumn

Hello all, 

Welcome back, welcome home. 

Autumn is a time of change that signals the beginning of cold temperatures and darker days for the east coast. I love autumn because I can wear my favorite things…sweaters! Oversized sweaters are the best, but I’ll pretty much take any sweater that flatters or hides my my figure (depends on the day). 

It also begins the sights of all things pumpkin. Yay for YOU guys! I’m not a huge fan of all things pumpkin, but I will take some pumpkin things in moderation. Things like pumpkin cheesecake (BB), pumpkin cookies, or pumpkin seeds are right up my alley.  

I also really enjoy taking the kids to our local farm. We usually go for our annual hayride, pumpkin picking, and candy apples. If you’ve never been to Linvilla and are looking to indulge in any of these things, make sure you: arrive early, pack water, and wear your walking shoes. 

What are some things you enjoy about autumn? What will you pull out of your closet. 

Happy autumn. 


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