Allergic to what?

Breaking news!!

Give your child peanuts to avoid a peanut allergy!

I repeat: Give your child peanuts to avoid a peanut allergy!

As I sat watching the news today, I could not contain my excitement because an “old wives tale” was finally proved true by modern medicine (1 point for team MOM). 

As a mother of 2, I pride myself in having pretty healthy (besides asthma), intelligent, non-picky eaters (most days).  Oh, they also don’t have any food allergies. Translation: I breastfed both of my children early on for a few months, introduced them to “food” earlier than their pediatricians recommended, and fed them whatever I was eating when they were old enough to reach out for my plate! 

The irony of this breaking news is that I have been telling people this for years. Some doctors have agreed, others haven’t, but to me it makes complete logical sense. If you’re feeding your child something in utero or post-utero, how can they be allergic? Unless there are signs of allergies early on while pregnant or breastfeeding, I think it would be safe to say most children would be not be allergic to the same things as their parents. 

For example, think of the parents you know that are allergic to seafood. These parents avoid exposing themselves and their children to seafood. In turn, the children may or may not be allergic to seafood, but their parents will not know because they never even try to give it to their children based on their own fears and experiences. 

It’s okay, you don’t have to quote my research. I know what you’re thinking, “This girl is not a doctor, why on earth would I listen to her”? It’s okay, I’ve had other people tell me this before as well, you’ll come back around soon enough. 

Here’s the bottom line….(drum roll please)….let’s use our logic when it comes to our children. You’re not going to agree with everything your pediatrician has to say or vice versa and that’s okay! Keep a copay for the ER and your doctor’s office on speed dial just in case things get a little hairy. In due time you get more comfortable making BIG decisions and your child(ren) will appreciate not seeing the doctors every other second of their lives. 
Happy parenting, 

Jay 🖖🏾

One thought on “Allergic to what?

  1. Jay,

    You brought up a good point, if a woman is allergic to seafood, she’s obviously not going to be eating it while pregnant. The baby won’t have the in utero exposure. Hopefully this new research will quell the substantial amount of allergies these days!

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