We all go though those times in life where we feel like we’re upside down in a blender being crushed together with ice and bananas. For some, it’s a cake walk and for others there’s no way out. It may seem unfair that some are better equipped than others to handle strange situations, but let me tell me how you can cope like a pro and help others to share their successes. 
1. Take each day at a time. The saying, “life is too short” has more meaning than you realize. If you let your problems, worries, or fears pile up each day you won’t have room (emotionally) for other problems to occur. 

2. Take inventory. Write a list of what’s bothering you so you can get it off your chest and strategize how to cross it off your list. Separate this list into short term and long term problems. 

3. Take a moment to meditate. Meditation has the ability to elevate your mind and body well above the problems of this world. This will leave you more fulfilled, reduce stress, and give you a new perspective on your tasks at hand. 

4. Take a call with a friend. It’s important not to shut people out that actually care for you. Maintaining relationships with a few living beings will keep you from feeling isolated and withdrawn. People need people. 

One thought on “Testify

  1. This is SUCH an excellent list. I can think back to the times where I was most overwhelmed out of my mind and its the very things you listed that calmed me. Today I’m feeling a bit stressed and this list was the excellent reminder I needed to breathe and take control of my situation. Thank you!


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