Be free

Many times we barely even spoke. We would sit across from each other and be immersed in thought. The sounds in the house, the cars outside, sometimes even the birds as they flew by. Our worlds are so different, but connected by blood. I see me in you and hope a light will shine from above. Instead: footsteps, a voice, banging on the wall. One little sound and our attention refocused. 

Cleaning. You were always cleaning. I thought I could help, but I didn’t want to be in the way. Of course I also didn’t know what to say. I would wander off and go back to my separate world. One day I noticed something had changed. Our worlds weren’t so separate, but things were more strange. 

She was gone. The hurt that we felt couldn’t be explained to anyone else. The searching, the tears, the unknown. Everything that happened took us well past level 1. I could see it in your eyes. I could smell it on your breath. You held me in your arms and I nearly wept. 

All I yearned for, but didn’t express. I needed you more than I expected. I cherished that moment and held onto it for so long. I wish it happened sooner before our time was gone. 

Love has no boundaries, but it resounds. Let the time continue to heal wounds, don’t lose the progress you’ve gained. I believe in you and forgive you for your mistakes. 
-Jay 🎈

3 thoughts on “Be free

  1. Thank you Jay for sharing your truth.
    You have a lot to say because you feel a lot . Just please don’t forget others may feel the same – but express it differently .

    Always , your number one fan


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