no7 (Number 7) make-up

It was a casual shopping day-not a baby crying or preoccupied husband in sight. So of course one must treat themselves to a “little” trip to Ulta! I had my shadow with me and for the price of an Auntie Anne’s pretzel, I knew I would have at least an hour to do what I like to do. 

As we approached the entry way to the door, I did my quick mental checklist of what I absolutely needed and what would be a good addition to my makeup collection. At the top of the shopping list was setting powder, blush, and mascara. Okay, I thought, actually I don’t need any of these things, buttttt I’m tired of what I have so what harm could it do? As I walked over to my usual corner to check out the Revlon section, I was approached by a friendly person. 

Wow was all I could think at first because it is rare to find a person that goes out of their way to speak to you. Then I quickly realized that the person was an Ulta employee. Double WOW because they’re usually pretty preoccupied with other customers. Let’s see what the pitch of the day is

Something about “new makeup company,” she says. Something about, buildable coverage,”she says. “Affordable price…special gift.” Hold up, up! You had me at the last points of your pitch. “Okay,” I decide, “I’ll give it a try”. I guess in that spiel I missed the part that she said she would need to take a picture of my face to match with foundation. (Have to make sure I check my Auntie Anne’s timer…We’re still good!) 

As she applies the first shade of Number 7 foundation, I’m not sure what to expect. It’s a new company so I can’t really ask about other customer reviews. When she gives me the mirror it looks decent. Nice even coverage, no oily spots, blends well with the rest of my skin, but it just seems a little off. “Umm, this shade is okay, but it doesn’t really look like what I’m used to.”

“That’s okay,” she says and goes to retrieve another color that may be a possible match. She does a side by side comparison and also fixes up my eyebrows just a tad. BABY! I wish I had a pic to show you the awesomeness. If I didn’t already know love at first sight, this might be close. It was magic on my face, it felt almost velvety and on the side that matched-I just didn’t want to take it off. 

So…scratch all that from the previously mentioned mental checklist. I had to grab that foundation, lipstick (free gift), and I think I got my hands on some mascara at the last minute. Here are some looks achieved using the foundation:  


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