Life’s Journey

Life is a painting of time gone by.

The flow of limbs,

The need to say goodbye. 

We all fear the unknown, 

But is there a true reason why?

To rid ourselves of pain, let go of hurt, 

To fully erase our memory banks. 

I’m down for that. 

By any means, be free. 

From all the hurt and disloyalty. 

Free for free. 

Free for nothing. 

Free so your soul search is undaunting. 

“Seek, and ye shall find.” 

Let your feet walk in the path of your heart. 

2 thoughts on “Life’s Journey

  1. I like your latest ” poetry “.
    It is nice when self expression comes from deep within .
    It is liberating . It is freedom ☮♥︎

    Your no. 1 fan, love
    always, SMA


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