Media Madness

My apologizes in advance for using such a pretentious title, but WOW. This is literally all I can say. If you have access to any type of media source, you’ve probably experienced the same amount of shock and awe as I have. Here’s where I get a little crazy…

Is there a person alive that isn’t subjected to the negative perspective of our current media? Turn on the TV, pull up the internet, even fold open a newspaper (prehistoric, I know)- what is happening to the world around us? 

In my eyes the media is so skewed and twisted that we can barely see the light at the end of the tunnel. For me it’s hard to even sit through a full segment of the local news, sometimes Chuck Todd on Meet the Press has me looking sideways at the television. Why, oh why must the world be at such odds?

That’s it. This is THE WORLD. As time progresses I can see why we aren’t meant to stay here forever. Would you want to live in chaos, death, and destruction for eternity?
-Jay 🖖🏾



2 thoughts on “Media Madness

  1. Great observation ! TV news has become so negative but to their point it sells .
    I was shocked also watching Dr .Oz do a segment on fake internet news .
    Horribly distorted but with some aspects of truth .
    Negative news . Fake news . If you want it they got it . 😟😯

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