A little kept

So the other day I posted the picture below to my Instagram

I was clearly thirsty, but what’s more important are the jeans I’m in. 

As a mom of 2 it’s really hard adapting to the changes your body goes through each time after having a baby. It’s hard mentally, but physically trying to look just a little kept is a daunting task because there’s so much going on that’s far more important (doctor’s appointments, feeding schedules, SLEEP). However, I think that if you look good you will feel good too. (That inner confidence can send you over the moon!)

Back to the jeans…

Somewhere in there I was able to find a pair of jeans that moms everywhere would love. They are high waisted, stretchy, and look like “non-mom” jeans. The material has withstanded the tests of time: coffee, throw-up, even a little ketchup! Unfortunately, they aren’t sold anymore (sorry). The brand is…wait for it…

Victoria’s Secret! Of course I had to research what happened to their clothing line and sad to say, they decided to focus on their “core items”. I was such a fan of their online store because the quality of products and overall prices. Actually, I’m still a fan, but I have no choice other than to let go because the powers that be have made their final decision. 

For as long as I can I will hold onto these jeans and cherish them. May you find the best fitting jeans that help you through your journey. 
-Jay 🖖🏾

3 thoughts on “A little kept

  1. You look great! Who knew that VS made jeans.

    “I think that if you look good you will feel good too” – this is so true. I’ve started pairing down my clothes (look on Pinterest for Project 333) and am only keeping the things I feel good wearing. So far, so good!

    Looking forward to more of your posts.


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