Thrift joy

I never thought that I would be one of those people that have legit hobbies that they stick to. There’s just so much going on that I don’t take enough time for myself. Well, thankfully that has started to change.

Last year when we were starting the process of buying a home, I also started to look for what I wanted inside of a home. In other words, Pinterest became my best friend and window shopping was finally in my vocabulary. I also stumbled upon a store like no other- Goodwill. It includes a variety of clothing, furniture, and nick nacks from the 00, 90s, sometimes even the 80s. I love the fact that on any given day I can walk into the store and not know what I’m going to find…

The other day, I found these sleeveless shirts. 

Clearly camouflage is back in and you can’t go wrong with a ball shirt (duh). Oh, but I also found these beauties too (I didn’t get them, but they go with theme I’m working towards). 

Sometimes it’s not about what you do, but how you do it. I love the Goodwill simply because there’s a thrill when you don’t know what to expect. We have a unpretentious mutual relationship that leaves both us both very fortunate. Plus, with everything else going on, sometimes the mind just needs time to wander and see unordinary things.  

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of thrifting:

  1. Arrive early or close to closing. You’ll see better, untouched items at these times giving you the opportunity to find more ideal goods. 
  2. Plan to spend a few hours at the store to find items that others may have missed. There “trash” could definitely be your treasure. (In the wares section alone I could spend a hour or two.)
  3. Do not enter the store with an agenda. You never know what they’re going to have. They don’t keep an inventory of the same product to replenish when it sells out. Once it’s gone it’s gone!
  4. Don’t limit your vision to one area. Try to walk the entire store to get a good view of it all. Sometimes I walk back through areas I already visited just in case I missed something. 
  5. Shop frequently because they’re always getting stuff!

Cheers to thrifting!

-Jay 🖖🏾


3 thoughts on “Thrift joy

  1. Jay . You are my kind of people !!
    Love the photos of your latest finds and treasures .
    Most importantly your passion speaks to the fact that we all need to be open to our creative and flexible capabilities .
    Sometimes we may not be able to do the high end shopping / buying that has become a major theme in our culture .
    Thrifting then becomes a tunnel where we can satisfy our shopping needs within a budgetary constraint until we can or decide we want to spend more when we get to the other side of the budget spectrum .

    Thank you for sharing !
    As always, your number 1 fan,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t forget that most cities have numerous independent thrift stores. I have found fraking fantastic things in them. Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. I can’t let myself go too often or I’ll be features on Hoarders, I know it. You’ve inpired me to write a post about some of my finds as well. This will be a fun trip down memory lane. Thanks fellow thrifter 🙂


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