This rain falling feels so good. It makes me remember you- 

That time you kept on walking.

I called your name…

Something changed. 

You just weren’t the same. 
The things you said, I won’t forget. 

So pressed, so whipped. 

“Girl, why you even bother?”

Food for thought, so I contemplated. 

Our last date was a mistake. 
I told my mother, she called your father. 

“Don’t go back!”

But for goodness sake, 

I don’t have a choice. 

This charade we play always ends the same. 
I don’t care about the clothes. 

Those things always change. 

Your “love” keeps me going, 

Even if you don’t understand what it means. 


One thought on “#random

  1. Alright now ! It may be time to start your book !

    GOD bless you !
    Your no1 fan,


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