It’s a zoo!

Last Sunday we got a puppy! After many long conversations with my husband, we decided to make that jump! Well what did we get….


A black Labrador Retriever that I named Benjamin (Benji for short). He was about 8 weeks when we got him and there have been many long nights and early mornings since then, but it’s all so worth it.

I don’t have much experience with pets. In fact I never had a pet, so this is all new to me. When we first moved in we got our kitten, Biscuit. That was my first introduction to the life of pets that went relatively smooth, so I was ready to take on the world! Or so I thought.

Day 1- Quiet and observant.

Day 2- Slightly active, lethargic.

Day 3- Walking and exploring.

Day 4- Active, exploring, happy.

Day 5- Beast mode.

Day 6- All of the above!

Yup. That pretty much sums up Benji’s welcoming. So far all the kids have been getting along well, with a few pounces and nips between the furry ones. Trying to house train the puppy is hard work, but it reminds me of when I would work on potty training with my toddlers.

It’s really about the knowledge and timing. When they keep hearing the words, “go to the bathroom or go potty”, it will start to sink in and connect for them in their brain. They also need to get used to the sensation of having to go, but not releasing themselves immediately (self awareness). Taking them out every hour, after long drinks, when you think they have to go-just like a child! I pray in a few months we’ll have a minimal number of accidents (stay tuned).

For now we’ll enjoy this moments where he’s still small and can do this:

Falling asleep with Mommy.




Riding in  the stroller.



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