True Friend(ship)s

I recently posted this picture to Instagram with the following caption: “Do it look like I’m left off of Bad and Boujeee?”: 

That statement was said by the Migos group member Takeoff at the BET awards 2017. It’s probably one of the best quotes I’ve heard all year because if you haven’t saw or heard the interview with them and The Everyday Struggle hosts yet, it got real

Their rap group is made of 3 male members. However, their hit single, “Bad and Boujee) does not feature the presence of Takeoff. Many people were wondering why, so I can see exactly DJ Akademiks’ thought process. In my opinion, the manner in which he questioned Takeoff had me shaking my head- it came off disrespectful and rude. I could see myself having the same attitude if I was put into that situation. Matter of fact, I would probably (definitely) have to come right back at him. 

Additionally, Joe Budden was showing his untamed side during the interview and eventually walked off in the middle of DJ Akademiks closing out interview with the group. If you have previously watched episodes of Love and Hip Hop or Couple’s Therapy, we have already seen this side of him. This passion is usually displayed towards his love interests, so does he actually have an interest in the group or was he mad that Slaughterhouse wasn’t mentioned as Akademiks’ favorite group? Who knows, yet here we are with another disrespectful moment during the interview. Yeah, I would’ve been heated. 

It was the actions that followed which truly had everyone captivated. As soon as Joe stormed off from the interview, Quavo stood up to address the disrepect that had taken place. The other members of the group rose up as soon as he did, dropping their mics, and ready for whatever. They stuck together and in that moment, that’s when they needed to. Why? Because when you’re in a group you stick together regardless of who or what steps to you- what happens to one effects everyone. So in this moment Migos reminded us all what true friend(ship)s mean. 

True friends know each other like the back’s of their own hand. They stick up for them and always have their back. If you’re questioning someone’s actions (or lack their of) then they’re probably not a true friend. Be like Migos, it shouldn’t matter if you’re “on” a song, your friends should still treat you the same. 

Be true to your friend(ship)s.