Angie Steele #momsonthemove

Of course she was destined for greatness, her name says it all. At least that’s what I first thought when I cam across Angie’s Instagram account. As I scrolled through her feed, I quickly found out that my assumption was actually true. A hair stylist, brand ambassador, influencer, and motivational speaker are her current responsibilities. In the years coming, she hopes to “…be on t.v., helping in missions, and definitely doing conferences/retreats on a larger scale.” How does she do it all?


As a single mother of two, Angie displays the poise and strength that so many of us are working to cultivate. Much of this she contributes to her hard working, fearless mother. “She worked 40+ hours a week, graduated from college, and still had time to bless her family, and help other people.” Even in times of sadness she has pushed through to ensure that her two children continue down successful paths.


Her son is an undefeated soccer player who is lucky to be coached by his mom and her daughter is finishing up the eleventh grade and graduating early! Her daughter inspires her with qualities that remind her of her own mother. “She’s the exact opposite. She doesn’t rely on too many people’s opinions. It’s like she can do without them. She’s just like my mom: determined, beautiful heart, and open to see everyone win.”


Thank you, Angie, for raising such hard working children that can be a role model for other children. I hope that you are able to take as many trips to the beach as possible so that can have time to relax. Your story is an inspiration to us all, may your guardian angel continue to watch over you and your family.


“To thy own self be true”


Learn more about Angie:

Instagram: @steeledivine