What’s in the bag?

As moms across the world near their delivery date, they are bombarded with things to do: set-up the nursery, make delivery plans, and endless doctors appointments. Somewhere on their lists is usually packing a hospital bag. Many people think that it is a necessity to have the hospital bag packed so that you are ready to go at a moment’s notice. I’m here to tell you that this is junk.

Before you get offended, let me explain my logic. With my first pregnancy I did so much research, planning, and worrying. I brought and tried to do everything the “experts” recommended. I put the most recommended baby products on my registry, had a variety of pregnancy apps on my phone, and did tons of reading. By the time I reached the hospital all of that went out of the window!

There’s so many suggestions on what you should take with you to the hospital, but none of the lists I’ve seen are actually realistic. Multiple outfits for you and baby, a robe, diapers? This is all fluff (unless the hospital you’re going to is the worst of the worse). I’ve been to two different hospitals inside and outside of the city and they both took excellent care of me and my babies. Honestly, the only things that I actually remember absolutely needing that they couldn’t provide me with was my phone charger, a hoagie, and my glasses. That it. Call me crazy, but my hospital bags have usually gone untouched.

With that said, here’s some advice on what to take when it’s time to head to the hospital.

  1. Make sure the infant car seat is properly installed in your car. You won’t be able to leave the hospital without it and they will check to make sure it’s secure.
  2. Prepare for your feedings. After I deliver, I’m ready to indulge in all the foods I avoided (hoagie is my go to). This could also include feedings for your baby: breastfeeding or the hospital providing you with what you need.
  3. Ensure you have a charger to take pictures and check in with loved ones. Your phone isn’t critical, but when the urge arises you’ll want it available for use.
  4. The outfit you arrive in is the one you leave in (usually) so make sure it’s a good one. Sometimes there are showers available, but you’ll want to run home with your baby so fast it’ll be the last thing on your mind (maybe for the next few months too).
  5. Glasses (no contacts), spot for your jewelry, and insurance card.

That’s it! Live in the moment and enjoy your new bundle of joy.

-Jay 💜


One thought on “What’s in the bag?

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