Hey, mama

You did it!

It took a lot of work, but you made it through your pregnancy like a champ. Weather it was nine months or six months, you still had sometime where your body didn’t belong to you and that’s okay. Babies have a way of changing the lives of everyone around them.

From the doctors appointments, to the sleepless nights, and everything in between– it was all worth it. The miracle of birth is one that many don’t get to experience and it is one that you will never forget. So take this time to enjoy your new baby, adjust to your new life, and take care of you! The most important thing you can do for your baby is to be healthy.

Healthy tips:

  1. Drink lots of water. Breastfeeding or not, your body is going through many changes right now (on the inside and out). Your hormones are all over the place, your uterus is trying to get it together, and even your skin doesn’t know what to do with itself. Just when you think you have had enough, drink some more!
  2. Sleep when baby sleeps. I know it sounds funny, but one thing about newborns is that they are very unpredictable. Just when you think you have them figured out they throw you a curve ball. So get your rest while you can.
  3. Go for a walk. Not one of those brisk power walks where you burn hundreds of calories, but a walk around the block will do. It will help you not feel so cooped up, give you and baby some fresh air, and it will help you body heal.
  4. Eat your veggies! If you were like me at the beginning of this pregnancy, I avoided vegetables like they were the plague (which was unordinary for me because I do love vegetables). Now is when you (and your bowels) need them the most!

5. Ask for help. As you’re still healing and getting to know your new baby, don’t be shy to ask for help. There will be some days you can’t make it out of bed or really want to get up to do a load of laundry. Take your friends and family up on their offers.

Enjoy these next couple months before you blink and they fly by.



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