Taifa #momsonthemove

With so many inspirations in her life, it’s hard for Taifa to pick just one person that has molded her into the person that she is today. One person in particular, an uncle, helped her to see what her future could be as just a small child:

“I knew I wanted a piece of the event industry from a child. My uncle has a balloon shop on Point Breeze & Dickinson that I used to work in as a kid. My uncle is my motivation.”

Taifa is a successful event planner based in The City of Brotherly Love, but there’s more to her story. As a graduate of Parkway Center City, she wants people to know that she’s a fighter that won’t give up and way more than a pretty face! Her goal is to run “an extremely wealthy event planning company”. Thankfully, those same people that inspire Taifa, also support her to achieve her goal:

“My uncle Bryan has helped me out a lot. My god sister Nett has always given me plenty of pointers. My cousin Kimyannah helped me grow as well, she started around the same time but we have learned a lot from each other’s mistakes.”

It’s so important to have a strong support system to help lift you up when you’re down. Sometimes as moms we think that we have it all together, until we don’t. You shouldn’t be afraid to reach out for help, a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on. We all need each other.

Even when she’s not working she still has to be a mother! Taifa’s daughter is also there every step of the way, watching and learning. Yes, her work clock is on 24/7 from her event planning business to playing doctor and having tea parties. The grind doesn’t stop!

You can check out Taifa’s work and follow her on Instagram:

@QueenEif (personal)

@eifsextraordinarycreations (business)


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Welcome back

What they keep telling me sounds like lies

No matter what I’m still going to break down and cry. 

It’s too hard cuz it’s “easy”.

I wish I could rewind the time, but I don’t remember- it all feels new

Could someone pinch me please, I need this to be over. 

It’s one thing to be physically drained, mentally just makes it that much harder to maintain…

Your sanity that is. 

God forbid you’re oblivious to it all, that’ll really be your downfall. 

Hold your breath, count to ten. It’ll be over and you’ll be doing it all again. 

Toiia L. Rukuni, MA #momsonthemove

“I believe that my faith in God has helped along the way- along with the continued encouragement of my family, divine connections, and the power of hard work and prayer!” -Toiia L. Rukuni, MA

As a blogging business coach, author, speaker, and lifestyle correspondent, Toiia uses these talents to make life better for others, especially women. The inspiration behind her work are from 2 very important people: Jesus and her mother. I can personally attest to Toiia’s uplifting nature as evidenced through her vivid Instagram account (@rukuntitl). Her frequent posts on her family’s delicious meals, inspirational quotes, and special family moments will leave your heart melting.

Toiia is a mother of two beautiful children. When asked, “How do you balance your career and raising your children?” she states that prayer has enabled her to live life to the fullest. Balanceis not a word in her vocabulary. “…I have come to the conclusion that I live my life one prayer and one blog post at a time!” WOW. How much better would all our lives be if we could deeply reflect on Toiia’s words? We need to let go of all the “things” in life an take every day one moment at a time.

Representing Atlanta, Georgia as her home, she is quite busy with her family and businesses. Luckily she makes sure to take the time to:

  • cook healthy meals for her family
  • dance like nobody is watching
  • read good books
  • meet new people
  • travel
  • yoga
  • enjoy nature walks/runs
  • praiseGod

In the future, Toiia sees herself doing big things that will continue to benefit others. she sees herself, “with a powerful team of Blog coaches, creatives, and Mompreneurs empowering more women around the globe through faith and love.” Growing and happiness drive her entire life and leaves a message of hope for us all. We as moms can do this- achieve whatever our hearts desire because with so many motivated women around us, we need to work together to ensure that our children’s futures are brighter than the Sun.



Here’s where you can reach out and follow Toiia’s journey. Remember, when you see Toiia’s name, faith drives her and God supplies her.

Blog: http://motheroftheworld.net

Facebook: http://www.instagram.com/rukunitl


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As I sat perusing through regular television channels for something to peak my interest, I stumbled upon one of my favorite channels, WHYY (which I just discovered it’s the acronym for Wider Horizons for You and Yours!). Mary Ann Esposito was cooking with a guest chef, Martin Yan, and they were making Italian and Asian rice dishes, both of which made my mouth water within only a few minutes of tuning into ththe program. From what I saw, her guest made a fried rice topped with mint and crunchy noodles. She then finished up her dish, which was a creamy risotto with saffron that I wanted to jump through the screen and steal the whole pot! 

It was the program following Mary Ann’s Ciao Italia that brought back so many memories, I was inspired to write this post. It reminded me of the times when I felt like I was so bored out of my mind that I sat and watched cooking shows all afternoon, times that I didn’t want to be home, but I didn’t have any other choice- these moments eventually turned into times when I was glad to be tuned in because I had developed a love for cooking. 

Lidia Bastianich is a world known Italian chef that has been cooking since before I was born. Her show that aired today, Lidia’s Kitchen was almost an instant favorite for me. The way that she shared classic Italian recipes with such ease and knowledge, made dishes for each course of the meal, and used a variety of ingredients, challenged me to apply her techniques to my own cooking. 

I even loved the fact that she always told stories about her family and traditions that were passed down through many generations. Another shocking fact that I recently found out, her son is Joe Bastianich from Master Chef (another one of my favorite shows)! Joe was the cold shouldered judge who you really had to impress to get even a small nod at your dish. I actually miss him on the show, but I heard he was doing big things on Master Chef Italy so I’m okay with that. 

For today’s episode, Lidia was cooking everything with some cheese. Maybe I should have told her that this wouldn’t be the best ingredient for me to be using or consuming, but I still went with the flow because she’s Lidia and she knows her stuff. My favorite dish was a cheese pastry she made with a funky cheese, I think Gorgonzola…it looked like a great appetizer or side dish. 

When the show was over I sat there reflecting on those memories I mentioned earlier. Sometimes as children and adolescents we don’t appreciate time for what it is (atleast I can see that I didn’t). We want everything to hurry up instead of taking the time to enjoy each moment. Thank God I have reasons to slow down now. I cherish the times when I can sit and enjoy shows like this, these moments are fewer and farther in between, but more meaningful. 

Slow down,



No time like the present: 

Turning back, 

Looking over, 

Things will change. 

Yesterday and tomorrow-

All yours. 

But the present,

Such a wonderful gift,   

Many don’t “get”. 

They take it for granted: 

Saving it for last,

Thinking they know what it is. 



Maybe even pearls. 

Don’t ruin such a surprise- 

Lusting for simple things. 

Take it with earnest. 

It could be your last gift. 

Mr. Raymond 

As a 90s baby, Usher Raymond was one of my many crushes (yes, many). I remember when I first heard Mr. Raymond’s voice, the year was 1998 and it was something about the way he told me exactly what he was doing at “7 o’clock on the dot” that had me hooked on his music. He also sang out his name for us in that very same song, Nice & Slow, which made me dream, wish, hope, pray, etc…. of meeting him. (That day has never come, but I can still appreciate his artistry at a distance.)  

Fast forward to the present and this man is still breaking hearts and taking names. In one of his latest videos, No Limit, he gives off a vibe that he is here to stay. It seems that he tells viewers not to count him out because he can keep up (or go above) the sounds, dance moves, and fashions today. I was surprised to see that he danced with many well known dancers (Kida, Ayo & Teo, and Lil Deedee to name a few). 

It’s really unfortunate that with the more recent news about his relationships and health, that all this history is in jeopardy. I get it: we’re apart of a generation that wants to be well versed in a celebrity’s music, business, personal life…no matter what the cost. However, can artists that have solidified their careers actually have longevity if all of this is on “front street”?

What happened to when the music was what we actually looked forward to hearing from artists? We could only hope that our favorite songs would be played on the radio, we would stand in line for CDs, we even paid good money to see them in concert to get that live experience. Or even, what about when we ran home to watch shows like 106 & Park that featured our favorite artists? We had to see which videos made the countdown and which artists would be on the show.  

Our shift has taken artists’ careers to a newfound level. Yes, we all understand that being in the public eye comes with its own downfalls, but where does it say that you must relinquish all your self worth and dignity? At the end of the day these are people. Usher is a person and in my mind he is timeless, as an artist. 

Yes, he has whatever going on right now. Can we honestly have all the facts? Were any of us there? Has the internet always told the truth? Only time will tell….

Good night 🌙 

In your eyes,

The burning desire. 

The need for more, 

The will for higher. 

You need your rest. 

Don’t fight harder. 

Let’s say your prays-

Faith to keep you inspired. 

Live for today,

Tomorrow may come. 

You are loved,

and protected. 

No need to ask for more-

So many blessings.