Baby Prep

Clearly this isn’t my first time on the “baby train”. With an 8 year old and 2 year old, I’ve been a frequent passenger. As I get closer to my due date in March, I want to plan and prepare for this baby like no other. I know that my other kids will be understanding when the new baby comes, but there will still need to be a lot of adjustments that need to be made so the transition isn’t too rough.

For starters, the first couple months are usually the roughest. I always tell myself to sleep when the baby sleeps and that almost never happens. To prepare for this mentally, I’m already practicing staying up late and operating on a few hours of sleep. Okay this “practicing” hasn’t actually been intentional, but the way my back feels on top of y mind racing, I don’t have much of a choice.

I’ve been proactively preparing freezer meals that I can thaw and serve for dinner. I’m not concerned about breakfast because my family can eat cereal like it’s nothing and everyone’s pretty much a fan of French toast sticks. Lunch is also easy because all I’ll want is a sandwich; if they don’t want it too bad! Nine months without lunch meat is almost as bad as nine months without wine, but that I can handle the latter a little easier.

Thank goodness that it’s almost winter. Clothes and like have been sprinkled in the mix over these past couple months, but I really plan to stock up on more things in January during those lovely midwinter sales. Long sleeve onesies, pants, and more. That also includes a few more blankets and towels to add to the collection.

Furniture, diapers, and bottles are on reserve. We’ll probably get a new mattress for the crib, clean it out, and raise the height. I was looking into bassinets, but I didn’t find anything too appealing via Amazon, Target, or Walmart. If you have any suggestions, please share in the comments.

I’m probably missing a few things, but don’t worry I’ll make a list in the coming weeks to make sure everything’s accounted for.


Seeing is believing 

This morning I had the pleasure of being up with my son around 6:20am. He was finishing up breastfeeding and just couldn’t get settled. We laid down together in the bed and he began to slowly open his eyes wider. As I was looking down at him, I noticed he was looking up past me.

As I looked up too trying to see what he saw, there was nothing. A globe in the corner, a shelf, a small patch of chipped paint- it baffled me. Hey, I thought, maybe he needed to stretch his neck from eating for so long. Then I remembered something that I heard before, an old wives tale that babies could see spirits.

I moved the covers to grab my phone he became upset and pushed them out of his view. Okay son, my bad. As he focused on this fascinating site I could not help myself from wondering what exactly he was seeing. It’s a strange thing with newborns, they are so pure and mysterious you really have to study them to figure out what makes them tick.

Frantically trying to get Google to give me an answer, the results that loaded didn’t give any definitive results. Well at 6 in the morning I don’t blame you Google. I’ll look for more information when we’re both fully awake.