🔥 Fire 🔥 

The thought of missing something.

Now it’s all clear.

The time we spent wasn’t real.




You must be lost, guided by Osiris.

Maybe your heart is made of fire:

White as falling snowflakes on that neglected mustang. 

Yellow as an egg yolk split and fried.  

Orange as used and abused construction cones. 

Red as an unwanted apple, macintosh. 

That’s some fire.

Let me avoid you.

That flame is insane.

Dim down, slow up.

Nobody else needs to get hurt.

I say this is a form of forgiveness.

Especially since you came from dirt.

Twigs, moss, lint- God only knows.

Go ahead and repent.

Time is of the essence.

We’ll never more forward.

You can be you.

I’ll be me.

The day I’m dead is when you’ll see.

I choose to play the game.

You chose to walk away.

But they were your rules.

So how, exactly, did you lose?

You weren’t invested.

Just like anyone else, your life was tested.

You flunked.

Now it’s time to repeat this course.

The material is the same.

Which professor did you choose?

Keep the faith

A few years ago I got a tattoo on my wrist that simply says faith. This particular tattoo is a constant reminder of what I need to focus on. A minister once said, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Let that sink in.)

I’ve been going through a lot in terms of work and all that good stuff, but I received a comforting message from an angel in disguise. As I stood hearing the message I almost cried.

There I was standing in front of my car trying to clean my windshield and a man standing in front of a large truck called out to me. “Hey! When you’re done over there can you come do all of this?” All I could do was chuckle. In my head I was thinking: 1. Why is someone trying to have a conversation with me this early in the morning. 2. Do I know you? 3. He can’t be serious, but I’ll play along. 

Me: Uh, no thanks. Not unless you’re hiring full-time. No part-time, on-call, or as needed. I have this one to worry about and another one.

Guy: I’m sure what you’re looking for is out there. Be patient, it will happen. 

Me: (jaw drops) Huh?

Guy: It will happen. You’re doing everything you need to do. 

Me: Yeah…I know. 

Guy: With the new government, you never know the opportunities that will be available either. 

Me: I don’t know if I have faith in the government, but we’ll see. (Finished cleaning windshields.)

Guy: Take care of yourself. 

Me: Thank you, you too. 

This man came from out the blue and he spoke to my soul and told me exactly what I needed to hear! If you’re going through anything KEEP THE FAITH! God always comes through.