I’ve been a mom for almost ten years now and three times over. In my journey of momdom (yes, I made that up), each experience is uniquely different from the rest. Every time that you think you plan and prepare the best that you can, life throws you a curve ball. You might find out your iron is deficient, your skin becomes bumpy, or you have a pain in your side that won’t go away (100% speaking from experience from this last go round). What doesn’t change though, happiness.

As I type, my daughter has chosen to use my breast as a pacifier (another joy of motherhood) and I look at her and see happiness. Actually, a type of happiness that many people do not get to experience. It’s not that type of happiness you get after you’ve eaten a sweet treat like a chocolate covered pretzel or received a new charm for your Pandora bracelet. No, this happiness is on a different platform.

This happiness is the result of the journey that welcomed your child into the world. Happiness that takes you to the moon. Happiness that gives you hope. Happiness that sustains you.

We all take our blessings for granted sometimes, I know I’m guilty of this. But with three kids, a roof, and food in the fridge- I couldn’t ask for more. I’ll take my own blessings and happiness to share them with the world.

What makes you happy?

Have you “counted” your blessings lately?

Happiness is…

It’s Friday! I’m so glad to make it to the end of the work week, not that I have any exciting plans for the weekend, but the days seemed to go by sooo slow. This week I tried to focus more on starting my day off right: reading YouVersion’s Bible verse of the day, putting on a little makeup, and having a hot cup of coffee during my commute. 

Starting my day off with a scripture gives me something to think about throughout the day and gives me a sense of purpose. The other day, this is what came up as the verse of the day:

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Matthew‬ ‭5:16‬ ‭KJV‬‬

How can you fail with wisdom like that?

My new make up obsession kind of happened overnight, I guess I missed the whole experimental period I was supposed to have with it in high school. It just amazes me how a little foundation can go a long way and the millions of products are out there. Who said it was okay to have all these products to tempt me? My husband kind of hates the fact that I put on makeup more, but I’m just like deal with it; this is my obsession and I’m sticking to it!

The coffee thing in the morning isn’t a new thing for me, but now it’s way more religious. The thought of missing my morning cup of joe scares me, like how would I make it? I need that dose of happiness in my cup cut down on the obscenities that I throw out to drivers that make my commute that much harder. 

Listen, I may not have a whole routine into place yet, but I do see myself slowly adapting so I can make the most of this life I live. Moving forward I really want to accept the things I can’t change so that I don’t compromise my happiness. Do something to make yourself happy!