Poop science

Did you ever have one of those days where you just didn’t feel right? Your stomach was tight, queasy, or you felt a lot of pain? A lot of times problems in this area can be directed at one culprit: poop- or the lack their of

Poop is created by what you eat. Therefore, if you don’t eat right it will definitely come back to haunt you. Even the “right” things will haunt you if they’re no goood for your diet. Yes, you probably know that you’re lactose intolerant and still have that occasional cheese or suffer slightly from acid reflux, but you can’t let go of “Spaghetti Thursdays”. (I can’t just be preaching to myself people!)

Those things that are bad for us, we have to let go! Now maybe you don’t have any of the above issues. Maybe your problem is that you have too much salt in your diet. Did you know that salt is used as a preservative because it dries things out? So what do you think it’s doing to your insides?? Or maybe your system can’t handle gluten and you’re plagued with epic stomach pains and weight loss. You probably have a sense that something is off, but scared to address it. 

May I recommend a food journal? You don’t have to go out and buy a fancy book or invest in some crazy new lifestyle. Get whatever paper you have: lined, a marble notebook, scrap paper, etc. The goal of a food journal is to keep track of exactly what you are putting into your body and how it effects you. 

A few things you want to include in your journal:

  1. Date. Building a timeline helps to pinpoint what certain foods are doing to you. 
  2. Meals. What exactly did you eat or drink? (Down to the condiments you added.)
  3. Tummy. Note how your body reacts to what you ate. 

In the past, I diligently wrote in a food journal to determine my own issues. I’ve discovered that I have a sensitive stomach and I don’t do well with the “normal” food that most people eat. I must stay away from all things dairy, limit fried and spicy foods, and I can only deal with fruits and beef in moderation. My go to foods are poultry, fish, green vegetables, and baked foods. Oh, let’s not forget beverages! I can say yes to water and coffee, but I definitely have to watch soda/juice intake. 

It may also help to track where you are purchasing your food. I’ve been trying to have the family eat things with less ingredients (think Aldi) and few/no preservatives (think Trader Joe’s). This, this right here…my gut feels like I’ve been born again!

So take baby steps towards tracking and possibly changing your diet. You know what they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. So why would you expect your poop to change overnight (or in a few days)? 

Happy pooping, 

Jay 💩

Dip, dip

A few months ago I took a journey back to the nailry for the first time in over a year. I went consistently to the nailry before my son was born, but then I was just too big to feel like moving. You know how those final weeks of pregnancy go: fat feet, back pain, exhaustion…Anyway, after the constant harassing from my husband, I decided to go back to my old routine, plus my cuticles were looking a bit raggedy (yes, I get a little ratchet at times).  

The last time I went to the nailry I was getting gel polish at the suggestion of my nail tech, instead of regular nail polish with a gel coat on top. I don’t remember being overly thrilled by the look of my nails, but I remember being very satisfied by how long my color would last. As I signed in to be serviced, I checked the boxes for pedicure and gel polish. 

I was instructed to pick out my color while I waited, but I really didn’t have a vibe for where I should focus my attention. Did I want to be dark and mysterious or tame and nude? Decisions, decisions. I ended up deciding to go into the realm of my favorite hue purple, dark like midnight. Before I knew it my name was being called to sit in chair number 2. 

I have to admit, I was a little too excited about my “little piece of heaven wrapped in vanilla bean cheesecake”…I mean pedicure. The water was blue, temperature was just right, and my back was being perfectly massaged. I enjoyed every minute of my pedicure and when it was over I was sad to walk away from the chair. 

I had to wait for sometime after the pedicure to get my polish so I did a little social media lurking and drafting blog posts. “Chair number one please…” someone called out. The owner’s chair?? What the…

After a few pleasantries she asked:

Her: What are you getting today? 

Me: Uh, I just wanted to get a gel color to match my nails. 

Her: Gel? Okay. We don’t really do gel anymore. Have you tried dip polish?

Me: Dip polish? 

Her: Yes, dip polish. Instead of having to use a light like with the gel polish your nails are dipped into powder. 

Me: Oh wow, so it takes longer? 

Her: It actually takes less time than the gel polish.  

Me: Hmmm…(long awkward pause). 

Her: I actually have the dip powder on my nails now. 

Me: Really?? (It looked so sparkly and neat on her fingers!)

Her: It can last about 3 weeks and doesn’t damage your nails. 

(Customer walks over)

Customer: It’s true! I’m a nurse and mine last for that long and my nails are still healthy. I’m addicted!!

As we all have a hearty laugh I decide to give the dip a try. 

When she’s done with the whole process of dipping and painting my nails, I can’t help staring at them. They look so good and I don’t have to worry about ruining them trying to get my keys out of my pocket. Bye, bye gel and hello dip powder! 

-Jay 🖖🏾