No time like the present:

Turning back,

Looking over,

Things will change.

Yesterday and tomorrow-

All yours.

But the present,

Such a wonderful gift,

Many don’t “get”.

They take it for granted:

Saving it for last,

Thinking they know what it is.



Maybe even pearls.

Don’t ruin such a surprise-

Lusting for simple things.

Take it with earnest.

It could be your last gift.


Everything you told me was a lie

How dare you scarifice the truth, 

In the hopes of masking the real you. 

The you I thought I knew isn’t true. 

So who are you?

Who is this person that stands before me?

The lies you tell, run deep as roots– 

Strong, deep, thick, and saturated. 

I want to know more, it’s a must

Let’s uncover the real you and end this. 

Do you dare?

Does your fear compel you to give in? 

Let’s hope so.