Mary- Ann #momsonthemove

A mother that is inspired by her own mother is a success- that’s what I think. Mary-Ann’s mother inspired her to speak from within. “…character speaks volumes, work ethics, and balancing a family.” These are words for Mary-Ann and others to live by. It’s not what you do, but how you do it.

Mary-Ann is a mother of two children, a healthcare professional, and spends her time making a difference in other’s lives. As a graduate of John Bartram Motivational High School, she plans on pushing herself even further. Mary-Ann hopes to become a hospital administrator, get married and explore entrepreneurship in the next five years and then move onto operations management in 10 years. With so many goals on her list, Mary-Ann lives by the quote: “Don’t Quit” by Edgar A. Guest.

Outside of work, Mary-Ann spends free time with family, shops, eats, attends church and makes sure to get in some “mommy time”.

“My children are my priority- a job can come and go, family is always there. I set aside time to do things with them…”

Well said because the time that we get to spend with our children is precious, we can’t get it back. It can be difficult to find balance, but there’s always a silver lining. If a job is forcing you to choose it over your children and/or family it may not be a good fit.


Thank you for sharing your story, Mary-Ann.

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Taifa #momsonthemove

With so many inspirations in her life, it’s hard for Taifa to pick just one person that has molded her into the person that she is today. One person in particular, an uncle, helped her to see what her future could be as just a small child:

“I knew I wanted a piece of the event industry from a child. My uncle has a balloon shop on Point Breeze & Dickinson that I used to work in as a kid. My uncle is my motivation.”

Taifa is a successful event planner based in The City of Brotherly Love, but there’s more to her story. As a graduate of Parkway Center City, she wants people to know that she’s a fighter that won’t give up and way more than a pretty face! Her goal is to run “an extremely wealthy event planning company”. Thankfully, those same people that inspire Taifa, also support her to achieve her goal:

“My uncle Bryan has helped me out a lot. My god sister Nett has always given me plenty of pointers. My cousin Kimyannah helped me grow as well, she started around the same time but we have learned a lot from each other’s mistakes.”

It’s so important to have a strong support system to help lift you up when you’re down. Sometimes as moms we think that we have it all together, until we don’t. You shouldn’t be afraid to reach out for help, a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on. We all need each other.

Even when she’s not working she still has to be a mother! Taifa’s daughter is also there every step of the way, watching and learning. Yes, her work clock is on 24/7 from her event planning business to playing doctor and having tea parties. The grind doesn’t stop!

You can check out Taifa’s work and follow her on Instagram:

@QueenEif (personal)

@eifsextraordinarycreations (business)


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Toiia L. Rukuni, MA #momsonthemove

“I believe that my faith in God has helped along the way- along with the continued encouragement of my family, divine connections, and the power of hard work and prayer!” -Toiia L. Rukuni, MA

As a blogging business coach, author, speaker, and lifestyle correspondent, Toiia uses these talents to make life better for others, especially women. The inspiration behind her work are from 2 very important people: Jesus and her mother. I can personally attest to Toiia’s uplifting nature as evidenced through her vivid Instagram account (@rukuntitl). Her frequent posts on her family’s delicious meals, inspirational quotes, and special family moments will leave your heart melting.

Toiia is a mother of two beautiful children. When asked, “How do you balance your career and raising your children?” she states that prayer has enabled her to live life to the fullest. Balanceis not a word in her vocabulary. “…I have come to the conclusion that I live my life one prayer and one blog post at a time!” WOW. How much better would all our lives be if we could deeply reflect on Toiia’s words? We need to let go of all the “things” in life an take every day one moment at a time.

Representing Atlanta, Georgia as her home, she is quite busy with her family and businesses. Luckily she makes sure to take the time to:

  • cook healthy meals for her family
  • dance like nobody is watching
  • read good books
  • meet new people
  • travel
  • yoga
  • enjoy nature walks/runs
  • praiseGod

In the future, Toiia sees herself doing big things that will continue to benefit others. she sees herself, “with a powerful team of Blog coaches, creatives, and Mompreneurs empowering more women around the globe through faith and love.” Growing and happiness drive her entire life and leaves a message of hope for us all. We as moms can do this- achieve whatever our hearts desire because with so many motivated women around us, we need to work together to ensure that our children’s futures are brighter than the Sun.


Here’s where you can reach out and follow Toiia’s journey. Remember, when you see Toiia’s name, faith drives her and God supplies her.



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