Your breath on my nape.

It’s the sound of the sweetest escape.

I’ve found the one I’ve been looking for.

He’s been here all along.

The real him.




I love me some him.

We both made a promise,

Our souls will win.

Together forever.

Your eyes take me away.

We escape to our world.

I relish in our moments.

The days are long,

Night is even shorter.

Come home to me.


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I dream of the impossible.

I reach for the stars by climbing the highest mountains.

I dream of the future.

Our differences on the back burner, going up in smoke.

I dream of a new day.

Pure white, trimmed in gold.

I want that day to come.

For my children’s sake.

For my nieces and nephew.

For us.

🔥 Fire 🔥 

The thought of missing something.

Now it’s all clear.

The time we spent wasn’t real.




You must be lost, guided by Osiris.

Maybe your heart is made of fire:

White as falling snowflakes on that neglected mustang. 

Yellow as an egg yolk split and fried.  

Orange as used and abused construction cones. 

Red as an unwanted apple, macintosh. 

That’s some fire.

Let me avoid you.

That flame is insane.

Dim down, slow up.

Nobody else needs to get hurt.

I say this is a form of forgiveness.

Especially since you came from dirt.

Twigs, moss, lint- God only knows.

Go ahead and repent.

Time is of the essence.

We’ll never more forward.

You can be you.

I’ll be me.

The day I’m dead is when you’ll see.

I choose to play the game.

You chose to walk away.

But they were your rules.

So how, exactly, did you lose?

You weren’t invested.

Just like anyone else, your life was tested.

You flunked.

Now it’s time to repeat this course.

The material is the same.

Which professor did you choose?


She bever knew what to be.

Any doubt she had, multiply it by 3.

Years went by, the pain faded away. 

She tried and tried, but had to stay.

Words weren’t easy, but she found them.

Her voice was low, muffled and tame.

They could hear, but weren’t truly listening.

What she said didn’t make sense.

She asked them one thing.

“Do you believe in this?”

They honestly said, “no”. 

That is, until they saw her persist.

She did it without hesitation.

She did it without doubt.

She did it in time, enough to move out. 

A better world, could their be such a place?

She thought she could handle it. 

She needed a saving grace. 

Grace would be nice, especially with a little hope. 

Can’t forget about faith

Nothing really matters when you’re walking such a tight rope. 

Her life is always changing. 

Why should it be the same?

These words are getting easier. 

Now there’s no one to blame. 


The first time.

It hurt the most.


Let go.

There you were.


It’s too much.

They can hear.

Tears falling.

It’s too late.

Can’t erase.

A date.


I’m crawling.

Going forward.

Moving back.

Letting go.

I can’t.

I wish.

I hope.

So many know.

People go.

So sane.

A place.

A view.

Everything’s new.

You’re still here.

I feel you.

28 Days

A month is all you got, but that’s about to stop. 

28 days better be enough, nobody cares y’all had it rough. 

They brought you over in ships, had some laying in a ditch. 

Your mothers and fathers built their empires. 

A person, book, or song is what we’re “worth”. 

28 days is enough, what more do you want?

They still got us in ships, moving us to and fro. 

We go here and there, tethered to one another. 

Anything we need won’t be free, we’ll just have to stick it out indefinitely

The homes we lack, they build for “no photos, please”. 

It’s ghetto and hood, it effects all the schools. 

The ditches are now traps, set with promises of equality and acceptance. 

We keep moving forward, but take 3 steps back. 

28 days ain’t enough!