Knock, knock. 

It’s someone at the door. 

Who could it be? 

Is it that Amazon package you’ve been hoping for?

Open up. 

Nothing’s there.

“What’s going on?”

You whisper to no one there. 

Slam that door. 

“Man…I’m hungry.”

Walking to the kitchen, looking for some grub. 

A tap on the shoulder. 

“Turn around.”

“What the hell is going on?” 

No time for games. 

Footsteps tapping on the ground. 

Turn left, turn right.

Still no one around. 

“I’m here for you.

When you least expect it that’s when I appear.”

28 Days

A month is all you got, but that’s about to stop. 

28 days better be enough, nobody cares y’all had it rough. 

They brought you over in ships, had some laying in a ditch. 

Your mothers and fathers built their empires. 

A person, book, or song is what we’re “worth”. 

28 days is enough, what more do you want?

They still got us in ships, moving us to and fro. 

We go here and there, tethered to one another. 

Anything we need won’t be free, we’ll just have to stick it out indefinitely

The homes we lack, they build for “no photos, please”. 

It’s ghetto and hood, it effects all the schools. 

The ditches are now traps, set with promises of equality and acceptance. 

We keep moving forward, but take 3 steps back. 

28 days ain’t enough!

Life’s Journey

Life is a painting of time gone by.

The flow of limbs,

The need to say goodbye. 

We all fear the unknown, 

But is there a true reason why?

To rid ourselves of pain, let go of hurt, 

To fully erase our memory banks. 

I’m down for that. 

By any means, be free. 

From all the hurt and disloyalty. 

Free for free. 

Free for nothing. 

Free so your soul search is undaunting. 

“Seek, and ye shall find.” 

Let your feet walk in the path of your heart. 


A burst of fire, like a flare in the night. 

A warning to all those that come before the light. 
They’re watching. Oh, but so are they. 

Waiting for you to come walk their way. 

Is it daunting?

Is it fear?

Something makes YOU so special. 

They’ll laugh in your face. 

So what?

They’ll even break you into tiny pieces.

Guess what? 

“This is life”, as your mom warned you. 

Should’ve listened and took notes. 

Now is the true test. 

Are you going to sink or float?