Money TRUMPS all

Unfortunately, as Election Day draws closer I find myself less and less optimistic of the chance to have a solid Democratic or Republican candidate to compete in the election. Honestly, both sides of the coin are looking a little rough, if you ask me. 

Of course, the person you hear about most in the media is Donald Trump. So far, the front runner for the Republican Party, but one can only imagine what this country will amount to if he is elected. The interviews he has, the debates he attends, even the very words he utters make you want to cringe. When speaking to someone about the topic their thoughts were, “Well, he is saying what we are all thinking.”

If Trump is truly the voice of the people, why did he previously not have the support of his party? A person’s voice or morals usually do not change much, but in the case of Donald Trump, I think he will do whatever it takes to sit in the Oval Office.

Building walls or excluding specific religions will not make America better. America needs a president that will enhance the idea of growth, unity, and hope. America needs a president that can connect to the wealthy and the poor. America needs a president that can handle foreign and domestic terrorism. 

I’m scared to see the future of America…