This rain falling feels so good. It makes me remember you- 

That time you kept on walking.

I called your name…

Something changed. 

You just weren’t the same. 
The things you said, I won’t forget. 

So pressed, so whipped. 

“Girl, why you even bother?”

Food for thought, so I contemplated. 

Our last date was a mistake. 
I told my mother, she called your father. 

“Don’t go back!”

But for goodness sake, 

I don’t have a choice. 

This charade we play always ends the same. 
I don’t care about the clothes. 

Those things always change. 

Your “love” keeps me going, 

Even if you don’t understand what it means. 

Shall we dance?

It’s you. You’re the reason I can’t sleep. 

Damn, I can’t even eat. 
You’re the reason I can’t drop this broken beat. 

1-2-3 and repeat. 
It’s a fucking song and dance, but I know I don’t stand a chance. 
That mistro is in your back pocket. 

He’s holding your wallet. 

All the things you told me don’t do, he’s doing right to you. 
Let’s pick up the pace. 

We all know I’m out of place. 

Thanx for this chance. 

It better not be our last dance. 


I’m sorry if you’re only reading this because you thought it was a formal introduction to my site, this isn’t what this post is. This post is dedicated to the people like me in the world, the people that wish they could do without introductions, spend 80% of their day in isolation, and be happy. Hello, my name is Jamie and I’m an introvert. 

Urban dictionary says that I’m “…energized by spending time alone. Often found in their homes, libraries, quiet parks that not many people know about, or other secluded places…” I can’t say that I feel an energy being by myself, more like a joy that words can’t fully describe. When I’m by myself I don’t have to conform to the social norms of society. Instead of avoiding awkward situations, such as meeting new people or making a food delivery order, I would much rather find new pins on Pinterest or get my husband to order the Chinese. 

 What I’ve learned living as an introvert is that there are ways to interact with others that can minimize my need to withdraw. Meeting new people is usually less ackward if I do a little practice before “the big event”. In the mirror I practice breathing techniques, imagine myself speaking to an unfamiliar person, and make sure to brush my teeth! Most of the time this works, but if I find myself withdrawing I remind myself that this moment won’t last forever, regroup, and try to find something that we share in common (a good go to is usually food). 

I’m a work in progress…


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